Strong Presence Mesoamerica


LACTHOSA is part of Group K that has operated bussiness for over 75 years and has a strong presence in the Mesoamerican region. We are a 100% family group. Reggionally we employ about 5,300 collaborators and we generate more tan 300,000 indirect jobs in the región.

The incursion of the Bussiness Group to the dairy bussiness was born in 1990 with the creation of Lácteos de Honduras S.A. de C.V. (LACTHOSA) started distributing milk powder under the brand Ceteco. In 1992, the second most important dairy brand, SULA, is acquired.

Nowadays we are the #1 brand in Honduras in dairy and juice. We have our own operations in Guatemala and El Salvador, additionally we sell to USA and Dominican Republic through third parties.

Lacthosa is the second biggest dairy brand in Central America. Our vision is to develop the entire value chain of our products from the farm to the table of our costumers.

Vision & Mision

To be a leader of the dairy and citrus industries in the Central American market, satisfying the needs of the population by always offering top quality food while maintaining a permanent reach to supporting society.

Prepare and market safe products of the highest quality that contribute to the nutrition of the healthy population.

Our Values

Commitment: with our customers, by providing quality products; with society, by providing stability to the families of our staff, and with the environment, by respecting and complying with all the norms established for its conservation.

Transparency: all shareholders, executives, executives and collaborators of Lacthosa are committed to show the transparency and clarity necessary in the agreement with our customers, suppliers and community in the development of our functions.

Honesty: we will conduct our business with honesty, integrity in accordance with good business practices.

Teamwork: we value and encourage the contribution of people in achieving common goals.

Excellence: at all times we face mutual challenges to improve our products, processes and thus overcome. We always strive to understand our clients’ businesses and help them achieve their goals. We promote diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect and trust.

Integrity: we must demand, from others and ourselves, the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity. We safeguard the assets of the company. We comply with all national and company policies and laws.

Brands and Markets

Lácteos de Honduras S.A. de C.V. (LACTHOSA) is constituted as an Anonymus Corporation of Variable Capital Company. It is dedicated to the elaboration, commercialization, and distribution os diary products and their derivatives, juice, nectars, and refreshing beverages. It has its headquarter in San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras.

We are a leader brand in Central America, commited to meet the needs of our costumers daily, offering the best dairy products and fruit juice.

Milk Powder brand with over 107 years of existance. In 2001 the milk dehydration plant La Fortuna is inaugurated, where Ceteco products are manufactured.

Creamy and delicious yogurt with pieces of fruit and jelly. Our yogurts are ideal for every moment, providing the healthy attributes that complement your day.

Originally an ice cream brand, however it has diversifiedand become a value brand for juice and dairy products.

An ice cream brand wich offers unparalleled flavors, that during decades has been the favorite dessert for adults and children.

It is a nutritious and healthy brand full of vitality, aimed at all segments looking for a good taste and quality option.

It´s the brand whose purpose is to provide a smart alternative for families looking to take home quality and value products.

Refreshing beverage with orange flavor, enriched with vitamin C.

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